It’s really very simple… each and every detail of your big day is handled as though it were mine.

I plan each and every client’s wedding from start to finish myself. That’s the only way I know how and that’s what differentiates me from the rest. I do a limited number of weddings per year so when you contract my company services; you’re in essence getting me, the owner, not just an employee.

My background in tourism and hospitality spans over 30 years. For many years I worked in Aruba at one of the major resorts as an event and wedding planner and in the last five of those years, 90% of the events I did, were weddings.

My company, Aruba Weddings by Bonny, is an independent company specializing in planning and coordinating Your Wedding Day, Civil Services, Renewal of Vows, and Commitment Ceremonies.

I am passionate about what I do and enjoy personally guiding you through the entire planning process of your special day, be it a simple Civil Wedding at the Town Hall, an intimate sunset ceremony for two, or an elaborate wedding ceremony at sunset for you and your loved ones.

So if it’s individual attention you feel your special day deserves, I would love to hear from you.


Bonny Stanley

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